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We can help you prepare for your exams

We can help you prepare for your lessons by:

1. Creating POWER LESSONS to make difficult topics become super easy for you.

2. Creating NEW EXAM QUESTIONS for you and providing PERSONALISED feedback on your answers.

3. Providing you with your own STUDY MENTOR who will keep you on track and motivate you to keep studying.

Power lessons are short audio files (poscasts) which cover a particular area of your syllabus.

You tell us the topic that you don't understand and we will create a podcast just for you!

This will enable you to master the topic quicker than you could ever imagine!

It works like magic!

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We can give you new power lessons each week

We create bespoke concise audio lessons to speed up your learning

Just give us you list of topics that you don't fully understand and we will create power lessons to enable you to magically understand them!

Tell us how long you would prefer each lesson to last (e.g., 5 minutes) and we will pack everything on that topic into that time period. Just make it a realistic time for the subject matter and we will get it done for you!

We can also give you brand new exam style questions each week and correct your answers

Tell us which topic you need the exam questions to be on and we will create new exam questions for you that you. Submit your answers to us and we will give you detailed feedback.

We can hook you up with your own study coach

We can keep you on track with your revision, homework and learning by providing you with your own personal study mentor who will design a personalised timetable with you and help you stick to it. Your mentor will keep in contact with you, as regularly as you want them to.  They will support you and keep you motivated