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These power lessons are short podcasts (1-7 minutes long) which cover all that you need to know for each topic.

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Then, once you have them, listen to them on your phone or computer over and over and over and over again, until you have memorised it fully.  You can even write down notes from the podcasts.

These lessons are a powerful way to drill the information into your memory! Enjoy!

GCSE and iGCSE Subjects

Baby Playing with Abacus


6 essential nutrients

Accommodation and long-sightedness

Asexual reproduction in plants


Biodiversity: biotic and abiotic factors

Blood vessels


Carbon cycle

Cell differentiation

Cloning mammals

Cloning of plants

Coronary heart disease


Digestive enzymes

DNA and proteins

Effects of deforestation


Eukaryotes, prokaryotes, viruses


Effect of exercise on the body

Fish farming

Food tests

Genetic engineering

Greenhouse gases



Human digestive system

Human reproductive system

IVF & contraception

Levels of biological organisation

Limiting factors of photosynthesis

Living organisms

Making bread with yeast

Making penicillin or insulin

Making yoghurt with bacteria


Menstrual cycle

Mineral ions required for growth


Nitrogen cycle


Pest control

Photosynthesis and leaf adaptations




Protein synthesis

Reflex arc

Respiration in plants

Secondary sexual characteristics

Selective breeding

Small intestine and bile

Effects of smoking

Stem cells

Structure of the heart

Structures of the eye

The greenhouse effect

The kidney

Theory of evolution


Transport of particles

Transport systems in plants

Trophic levels


Water cycle

A Level Subjects


A-Level Psychology

5 approaches in psychology

Goals of psychology



Types of conformity

Explanations, evaluation & application for conformity

Asch’s research

Zimbardo’s research

Milgram’s original obedience study

Milgram’s Situational variables study

Agentic state & legitimacy of authority

Dispositional explanations

Resistance to social influence

Minority influence

Social influence & social change



Coding, capacity & duration of memory

Multi-store model of memory

Types of long-term memory

Working memory model


Misleading information


Retrieval failure

Cognitive interview


Introduction to attachment

Schaffer’s stages of attachment

Animal studies of attachment

Learning theory of attachment

Bowlby’s theory of attachment

Cultural variations in attachment

Romanian orphan studies

Ainsworth’s strange situation

Bowlby’s theory of maternal deprivation

Influence on later relationships


Approaches in psychology:

Origins of psychology

Social learning theory


Cognitive approach

Biological approach


Psychodynamic approach

Humanistic approach


Definitions of abnormality 1

Definitions of abnormality 2

Phobias -characteristics

Phobias -behavioural approach

Phobias -treatment

Depression -cognitive approach

Depression -treatment

OCD -biological approach

OCD -treatment

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