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Can I request more power lessons than my study buddy membership states?

If a tutoring session is part of your membership, you can swap a tutoring session for 3 power lessons. You can exchange all the tutoring sessions for the month for power lessons all at once if you would like. Just send us a request if you would like to do this.

How do I cancel my membership/studentship?

Just send in a request and the date that you would like to stop. Please note that we require 30 days’ notice for cancellations of memberships/studentships.

Can I get a refund for my membership/studentship if I am not happy?

You have 14 days from your first payment to cancel your membership/studentship. This is your cooling off period. You must request in writing via the website within this 14 day period. You will then receive a full refund.

How are payments made?

All membership/studentship payments are made by monthly direct debit. However, the first payment is made by bank transfer.

Payments at the shop are made by debit or credit card.

How do I know if I am a 'member'?

You are a 'member' of TAS Clinics if you are paying a monthly direct debit. This can be either for homeschooling, private tuition or your study buddy membership.