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Private Tuition

Private tuition is the best way to reach your academic potential. You can combine it with a study buddy package or you can do it just on its own.

Private tuition packages work either on a monthly basis, via direct debit, or as one-off sessions. You choose the duration and frequency each month. You book in your preferred time online and then we are set to go.

You decide exactly what you want to learn each session and your personal tutor will make sure that, by the end of each session, you have learn it!


We know it's been hard to keep up to date in your studies with the COVID pandemic. That's why we are doing our bit and offering 20% off single private tuition sessions for Summer 2020! 

Teahcer at a Math Class

6 hrs per month*

Your Home | Tutor's Home | Online

£45              £40            £35

12hrs per month*

Your Home | Tutor's Home | Online

£41              £36            £31

Single ONLINE tutoring session

1.5 hours | 2 hours 

£60             £80

9 hrs per month*

Your Home | Tutor's Home | Online

£43              £38            £33

15hrs per month*

Your Home | Tutor's Home | Online

£39                £34             £29

Single 2hr tutoring session @ HOME

Your Home | Tutor's Home

£100                £90

Hours of private tuition

9:30am till 5:30pm Monday to Friday.
Saturdays 3-6pm
Sundays 5-9pm
(Minimum 2hrs for Home Visits )
* Prices are per hour. Billing is per month.


zoom or skype


At your home


At your tutor’s home